Let’s work together to promote the best natural therapies!

Make sure that natural health is finally accessible to all!


The goal of H2O is to promote excellence for natural therapies and to support relevant humanitarian actions in the world. We organize conferences, meetings, excursions and important humanitarian actions to make natural health accessible to all!

Fencienne Tu – Saint Girons, H2O organizer

Extraordinary things happen when creative people get together.

That’s why we gathered all our efforts to make this Congress a success. We wish you an unforgettable experience at H2O Congress in Geneva and at the workshop in Schwarzsee!

The organizing committee

Fencienne Tu – Saint Girons

Organiser of H2O Congress

Daughter of an international civil servant and granddaughter of a herbal medicine practitioner and acupuncturist who worked for the imperial court of Vietnam, Fencienne Saint Girons has been involved in natural health since childhood. She has always had a big interest for humanitarian implication and conference and congress organization. Founder of Centre Oasis les 8 Fondamentaux, the Ecole Suisse de thérapratique and the Association de synergie thérapeutique and author of « Le Choix des huiles essentielles », she has educated thousands of people in therapeutic synergy, a combined approach of the most relevant techniques in natural therapies in order to amplify the effect of the treatments. She also masters more than 17 different techniques such as naturopathy, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, homeopathy, nutritional therapy, Bach flower, massage therapy and traditional Chinese medicine.

Arturo Quispe Valle

Fundraising & Project Manager, H2O NGO

Born in Peru, he studied molecular biology and business administration in Italy and Switzerland.

His career allowed him to develop a serious network in the field of NGOs and Swiss philanthropic organisations. 

Arturo has excellent interpersonal capacities and a very strong team spirit

He is in charge of fundraising and project management at H2O NGo.

Luz Schaller

Sponsoring, conferences and interpreting coordinator

Luz Schaller is a student at the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting in Geneva and an interpreter at international philanthropic conferences such as the International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights (FIFDH) and the Geneva International Film Festival.

She coordinates, the conferences of the Congress and is the leader of the interpreting team.

Gilles Soulhac

Presenter of the Congress, organizer of the Big Debate, in charge of press and media

Gilles Soulhac is a Swiss French journalist, specialized in ecology, philanthropy and natural health. Accredited press at the United Nations, he also founded an association named Alternativ’com, specialized in the development of press relations. He organizes journalism and information strategy workshops and frequently speaks for local associations and collectivities.

He is the presenter of the Congress in charge of press and media, and moderator of the Big Debate on Friday Night.