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Prof. Henri Joyeux
Oncology, nutrition

Pierre Franchomme

Dr. Didier Grangeorge

Prof. Marc Henry
Quantum physics

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal
Naturopathy, psychology

Fencienne Saint Girons
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Eric Sérée
Polyphenols, heavy metals

Raphaël Terreau
Music therapy

Dr Joseph Borzykowski
Internal medicine, homeopathy

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Prof. Henri Joyeux

Surgery – Oncology – Gastroenterology – Nutrition

Talented specialist in oncological and digestive surgery, professor at the University of Montpellier, winner of the Antoine Lacassagne Oncology Prize in 1985 and Knight of the Legion of Honour in 2008, Prof. Henri Joyeux is nowadays a public figure, known and appreciated for his commitment in informing and educating people about the link between pathologies and nutrition. .

He is appreciated for his statements about the therapeutic power of nutrition and his warnings about overvaccination and the dangers of absorbing aluminum. He is the author of over 500 publications / papers, 20 books about nutrition and cancer such as “Changer d’alimentation” and “Mangez mieux et meilleur de 0 à 100 ans”.

Conference : The best advice to prevent cancer – Dare to say how
Saturday July 6 – H2O Congress – Geneva

Workshop : Immunity or Cancer – Prevention of civilization illnesses and aging through natural therapies and nutrition
Tuesday July 9 – Workshop – Schwarzsee

Dr. Xandria Williams

Naturopathic medicine – oncology

Dr. Xandria Williams, naturopathy practitioner specialized in oncologic naturopathy, former director of the nutrition and biochemistry department in multiple naturopathy universities in Australia and England, Director and lecturer at the CSRTC, the CanSurvive Resource and Training Centre, she’s often invited on the radio and television. Author of 20 books and over 400 articles on physical and mental care. Since 2000, she’s been doing research on the alternatives and complementary possibilities related to cancer and published 3 books on that subject in the Detecting cancer series.

Conference : Natural health and oncology • Natural therapies and alternatives to fight cancer
Saturday July 6 • H2O Congress • Geneva

Pierre Franchomme


World expert in aromatherapy for over 45 years, French researcher, Pierre Franchomme is the inventor of the key notion of chemotype of essential oils, which allowed the scientific use of essential oils in therapy. During his many travels around the globe, he also discovered some major essential oils such as ravintsara, tea tree, eucalyptus radiata and immortelle.

Director of the Research center for medicinal and aromatic plants and of the scientific committee named “Barefoot doctors”, he is the founder of the international aromatherapy school, teacher at the FLMNE and president of the association Aromatherapy without borders. He also collaborated with prestigious organisms such as the Pastor Institute, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Toulouse and the CRNS.

In his book, « L’aromathérapie exactement”, he describes the active substances, the indications and the efficiency of hundreds of essential oils, which made this publishing the reference boof ok this field.

Workshop : How to use essential oils in the treatment of neurological pathologies
Wednesday July 10 • Workshop • Schwarzsee

Christopher Exley

PhD in “Ecotoxicology of aluminum”

Professor Christopher Exley is a biologist with PhD in “Ecotoxicology of aluminum” at the University of Stirling. His research career (1984 – present) has focused upon an intriguing paradox: “How come the third most abundant element in the Earth’s crust (aluminum) is non-essential and largely inimical to life. Investigating this mystery has required research in myriad fields from the basic inorganic chemistry of the reaction of aluminum and silicon to the potentially complex biological availability of aluminum in humans. Professor Christopher Exley is also fascinated by silicon in relation to living items which, as the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust is also almost devoid of biological function. One possible function of silicon is to keep aluminum out of biology (biota) and this consists in a large part of the research carried out in his laboratory: the Bioinorganic Chemistry Laboratory.

Conference: Aluminium and the Human Brain – Interrelations with Neurological Disorders

Saturday 6 July · H2O Congress · Geneva


Audrey Carsalade

Naturopath – Health coach

Audrey Carsalade is Naturopath and Health Coach, author of “Liver, your health ally to Mango Editions and Green Influencer on social networks. She is also creator of content for brands and magazines.
Multi-caps, dynamic and positive, she sees the professional reconversion as a formidable lever of transmission and personal development. She divides her time between her consultations and her role of raising awareness on social networks to sow seeds of benevolence and change in food, personal development, ecology and respect for animals. An atypical course that inspires.

Conference: Professional reconversion and naturopathy, radiate by ethics

Saturday 6 July · H2O Congress · Geneva


Dr. Ameet Aggarwal

Naturopathic medicine • Psychotherapy

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal is considered to be one of the top natural medicine practitioners in the world thanks to his approach which combines naturopathic medicine and emotional healing. He specializes in the treatment of anxiety, emotional trauma and depression, integrating naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, psychotherapy, EMDR and family constellation. He is the founder of Mobile Charity Clinics and the author of Heal Your Body, Cure Your Mind, one of the most comprehensive approaches to the treatment of anxiety, stress and depression.

Conference: How to integrate natural medicine with psychotherapeutic techniques,
the benefits of meditation / yoga

Sunday 7 July · H2019 Congress · Geneva


Dr. Didier Grandgeorge

Pediatrics • Homeopathy

A world-renowned pediatrician and the author of 20 books including The Spirit of Homeopathic Remedy and Keys for Kent, Dr. Didier Grandgeorge is one of the most important clinical homeopathic physicians today. His career spans more than 30 years. The cases presented, concise and relevant, are always impressive. Since 1980 he has been President of the Hahnemannian School of Fréjus and teaches homeopathy at the University of Marseille School of Medicine.

Workshop : The Spirit of Homeopathic Remedy • Remedies for the Different Stages of Life
Saturday, July 13 • In-depth session • Lac Noir

Prof. Marc Henry

Quantum Physics • Electromagnetic waves • The role of water

Prof. Marc Henry is a researcher and professor at the University of Strasbourg where he teaches chemistry, materials science and quantum physics. His research interests include water, the molecular chemistry of titanium oxide and the application of quantum theory to the chemical reactivity of molecules in living phenomena. He has studied the non-thermal health consequences of exposure to electromagnetic waves, including extreme low frequencies and the modification of the molecular structures of water. His work has resulted in the publication of Water and Quantum Physics as well as over a hundred articles in scientific journals.

Conference : Water and electromagnetism • the scientific point of view
Saturday July 6 • Congress H2019 • Geneva


Fencienne Tu – Saint Girons

Synergy therapies • Naturopathy • Aromatherapy
Massage Therapy • Traditional Chinese Medicine

Inventor of the concept of “Therapeutic Synergy”, a combined approach of the most relevant techniques to boost the effectiveness of each treatment, Fencienne Tu-Saint Girons has mastered more than 17 different techniques including naturopathy, phytotherapy, aromatherapy homeopathy, nutritherapy, Bach flowers, massage therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has trained thousands of therapists during her 20 years of professional experience, co-founded the “8 Fundamentals”, an innovative concept on infrastructure and healthy living and is the author of The Choice of Essential Oils.

Conference : Therapeutic Synergy • The use of essential oils on acupuncture points
Saturday July 6 • Congress H2019 • Geneva

Raphaël Terreau

Music therapy

Raphaël Terreau has two passions: ethnic music and therapy. As a musician, he specializes in the language of music and music of the world, as a heart director and teacher of masterclasses. As a therapist, he has been involved for many years in the clinical treatment of Alzheimer’s patients and is the author of Music Therapy and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Conference: Alzheimer’s • Beyond Dietary Supplements • Improving Results Through Music Therapy
Sunday July 7 • Congress H20 • Geneva

Romina Melwani


Romina Melwani is an English naturopath specializing in integrative medicine and stimulation of the immune system. Having spent several years researching the impact of therapeutic fungi, she is one of the world’s leading experts in mycotherapy, a technique that can be used for both prevention and treatment of various health disorders.

Conference: Integrative Natural Health • Including mycotherapy in oncology treatments/strong>
Saturday July 6 • Congress H2019 • Geneva

Christine Bouguet-Joyeux

Nutritional Health Specialist

Christine Bouguet-Joyeux is an author and specialist in nutritional health. She has thus developed her own teaching method in nutritional health and family gastronomy through numerous workshops given voluntarily to many associations that she shares both in The Practical Guide to Family Gastronomy, and in With Maminie, I Sing While I Cook, a series of books and CDs designed for children and parents alike.

Conference: Nutritional Health – How to Optimize Cooking Temperature for Health
Sunday July 7 • Congress H20 • Geneva

Dr. Bertrand Graz

Specialist doctor in natural medicine

After teaching at the School of Medicine at Lausanne (in the areas of public health, prevention and complementary medicine) and consultant for Paris Hospitals, Dr. Bertrand Graz works for the Antenna Foundation in Geneva. To date, he has participated in dozens of humanitarian actions around the world, has conducted numerous studies, research projects and surveys on empirical natural treatments and is the author of the book The 33 Scientifically Validated Plants.

Conference: The proven effectiveness of natural remedies • Towards the validation and documentation of empirical treatments
Friday July 5 • Congress H20 • Geneva

Dr. Eric Serée

Pharmacology • Immunology
Biotechnology • Cell Biology

Dr. Eric Serée is a doctor in pharmacology, Seminar??? at the Faculty of Pharmacology at the University of Marseille, specializing in immunology, biotechnology and cell biology. He is particularly known for his research on the positive effects of the combination of resveratrol with turmeric, glucose tolerance and the development of powerful methods of overcoming the negative effects of heavy metals.

Workshop : Heavy metals • Health impacts and means of detoxification
Thursday, July 11 • In-Depth Session • Lac Noir


Dr. Joseph Borzykowski

Internal Medicine • Homeopathy

A physician with more than 30 years of professional experience, Dr. Joseph Borzykowsky specializes in internal medicine and homeopathy. He is a strong advocate for the preservation of intestinal flora and has published the humorous book Who Broke The Microbiota?, published by Éditions Jojinka.

Conference: The treatment of chronic diseases with homeopathy
Saturday July 6 16h00 • Congress H20 • Geneva

Dr. Anne Samouel Debbabi

Pediatrician • Homeopath

Dr. Samouel Debbabi has 31 years of experience as a pediatrician and homeopath. She is passionate about the behavior of the 21st-century child: assertiveness, public speaking, pro-activeness, conflict, and anger, all of which can lead to independence but also damage relationships. She is the author of Words of a Pediatrician and Veux Pas, two publications that elaborate on the influence our behavior can have on that of our children.

Conference : Pediatrics – Beyond medication and dietary supplements
Preventing diseases through lifestyle and education
Sunday July 7 11h05 • Congress H20 • Geneva