« We grow by supporting others! » I. Ingersoll




H2O’s vision and mission is to promote excellence in the practice of natural therapies and to support humanitarian actions. Most of our speakers and committee members are involved with one or multiple associations that promote natural therapies and humanitarian actions.

 All profit will be donated to the following humanitarian associations:

Aromatherapy without borders

Volunteering, education and donations: see website.

Aromatherapy without borders helps populations affected by epidemics. Nearly 3,000 people are treated with essential oils at the Antsirabe natural health center in Madagascar. The center also allows health professionals – doctors, traditional healers, and aromatherapists to benefit from training and experience in the field and helps to enrich current understanding of natural therapies and treatments, promote the local production of essential oils and support health and economic autonomy.


Health Family Prevention


Volontariat, éducation et donations : see website.

Health Family Prevention aims to educate, inform and help the general public about natural therapies on an independent website where advertising remains completely absent .

There you can find many articles and videos, attend numerous webinars and find the answers to all your health-related questions.


Come discuss natural therapies and humanitarian actions with conference speakers and committee members during the Saturday evening dinner cruise.